Aboriginal Family Housing Support

What do we do?

Spirit of the Children Society offers Homelessness Prevention services to Aboriginal families who are at risk of  losing housing. The Housing Support Team will work with the family to assess needs and establish goals to related to housing in a cultural approach. The Housing Support Team will empower and guide families to options available based on their resources and needs. The Housing Support Workers will also provide advocacy and holistic support to ensure the families’ basic needs are met, including referrals to other agencies for furniture, clothing, food and other services as required.

About Homelessness

The Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) has defined the populations at imminent risk of homelessness as follows:

  • Individuals or households facing eviction, with a poor rental history and insufficient cash reserves or assets to acquire new housing
  • Breakdown in family relations, including separation, conflicts between parents (caregivers and children), and/or episodes of violence, where one or more parties have insufficient cash reserves or assets to acquire new housing
  • Individuals due to be released from institutional care who do not have arrangements made for safe and permanent accommodation upon release. Institutional care includes criminal justice system, medical/mental health institutions, residential treatment programs or child protection.

* NOTE: If these individuals have no fixed address and a history of homelessness, they may fall under the definition of chronic and episodic homelessness (AKA Housing First). See our Housing First Youth Program

For more information, contact Brooke Ashley (Housing Program Manager) at 604-524-9113.