Hlúlú (Heiltsuk for Butterfly) Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Drop-in program

What It’s All About

Aboriginal Families living in New Westminster, Burnaby and Tri-Cities can join us for an exciting experience in our Family Drop-ins. First Nations, Métis, and Inuit heritage all welcome! Parents, build your confidence in play with your child in this interactive, hands-on weekly group. Our staff provides fun and educational stations, including toys, art and songs that promote your child’s development while teaching you the value of play. Be more connected and involved in their exploration and learn how to transfer your new skills to home, community, anywhere! A place for parents/caregivers & their children aged 0-6 yrs old to play together in a warm cultural environment. Light snack and bus tickets provided.

The Medicine Wheel

A Traditional Symbol for many First Nation/Aboriginal people. Although it is important to note that the Medicine Wheel is not necessarily used with all Aboriginal communities and Nations within. However, many communities and nations may not use the actual wheel in their teachings but share some variations of the Wheel teachings and practices of the Traditional Knowledge. It is important for everyone to ask the Elders and community members in your community what interpretation of the medicine wheel is used.

Click on the image below to find out more about the Medicine Wheel.

Medicine Wheel Guide compiled and designed by Carmen Pereda

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For further information about this program, please contact us:
Phone: 604-524-9113
email: ecdprogram@sotcs.ca

** Please see posted flyer for location and dates of our drop-in locations, as well as our ECD Calendar.